Daily Archives: March 8, 2009

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Mussels-by-the Sea

It was 50°, sunny and calm, and the tide was right. Implacable Man, Kym and I went to the shore to pick mussels. They are large, tender, pearl-free mussels. So good I can never order mussels out at a restaurant, they just can’t compare.

On the way back to the house there was an eagle on the Tarn. We pulled over to see why he was just standing on a puddle of water, when he began to gyrate and hop and splash. He was taking a bird bath! We watched for ten minutes, until he flew away.

At home, I made a goat cheese, bacon, and spinach salad and warmed some bread on the wood stove. A perfect Maine dinner, and day.



Nature Log

Thirteen degrees, bright moon low in sky casting long shadows in the crusty snow. A nighttime snowshoe to the harbor, where a sparkling reflection of moonlight made a path on the water, a moonglade it is called. I want to walk up it to moon. We wiggled and waved our arms and legs, making groteques long shadows, and thought of Daddy Long Legs, by Jean Webster, a children’s book from about 1912 which is still full of relevance: hard work and perseverence can bring success. So, okay part of that success was a rich husband, but most of it was growing up mature and caring, and gaining education and the thirst for learning.