Prom Primp in the Creek

Gray skies but colorful gowns. Scrambling for bobbi-pins, tangled in curling iron cords, pillaging the jewelry box, it was frenetic and exhausting watching the combined teenage energy of five girls prep for the prom. And completely delightful. Parents milled about downstairs, a complete opposite, laid-back and mellow. Then the gentlemen showed up in tails or tux, floral offerings in hand, and all moved outside to capture another step in the passage from girl and boy to young adults. I had been mourning a missed photo opp when Kym and her friends were target practicing with the Red Ryder’s, and contemplated suggesting BB props with the prom finery, but decided to just let things go their course. No words crossed my lips, I did not silently mouth BB, but there they went, dashing back inside and emerging totin’ guns.

Only in the Creek—must be something in the water!

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