A Different Picture.

Storm waves changed the calming early morning scene of daily yoga and lattes to a turbulent confirmation of the power and unpredictability of the ocean, and our world. Hurricane Bill, while kindly passing us by, left a hint of the terrible destruction it could have wrought.



The Seal Harbor float was lifted into the air by waves again and again, pulling against the heavy rope attaching it to its mooring. The relentless action finally snapped the tether, and the float went free. The 30-foot waves were dramatic, and drew crowds to the coast to watch the spectacular display. Spray reached the tops of Otter Cliffs, which protrude a hundred feet above the sea, and waves soaked the mesmerized and unwary spectators. Large continuous waves and swells randomly exploded into powerful blasts of ocean high over the rocks. Terrifying and beautiful.

Sadly, the hurricane’s brush included the death of a young child, and a number of broken bones and other damage that will leave scars in many lives. Our hearts go out to them, and our respect goes to the Coast Guard, Park Service, and volunteers who worked so hard in the rescue effort.


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