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Otter Creek Badminton Classic

The first annual OCBC was held on a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon, hosted by Menna and Kurgan. Three teams played. First game: Barbara and Nancy won, Zee and Dee lost. Second game: Darlene and John won, Barbara and Nancy … Continue reading

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Watersheds and MDI Birds

The Lyceum Lecture series, this year consisting of one lecture, was this evening. Lemonade, rosemary butter cookies, and a good general presentation of how dams have changed our watersheds and impacted fish and so bird populations. Michael Good was the … Continue reading

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Park Ragers?

Neighbor Larry commented that he sensed the park rangers had shifted from being service-oriented and always happy to help to being authoritarian. He was pulled over driving down the entrance to the parking lot at Great Head, had his plate … Continue reading

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Lighting the Green with Spirit

Small white paper bags glowing with candlelight line the paths, each with a name hand-written in bold marker across the front. Slowly, solemnly, clearly, those names are read out and echo across the night air, rising above the background noise … Continue reading

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Bath Tub Tales

No, not Jonathon Swift. (A Tale of a Tub, I read some Swift, somehow never read this one, but what a great title!) Today’s tales of a tub are actually tales with a tub as a major element, shared over … Continue reading

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Yee Ha Friday

Except it is raining. Except the town is filled with tourists. Except I want to get home to Otter Creek, but D. wants me to get him something at the drug store. Except I drove around the town twenty minutes … Continue reading

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Junk Mail, or Garbage Post Gets Junked

Island time generally brings to mind warmer climates and more relaxed life styles than we have here in Maine, and yet I find that phrase frequently applicable to some of our ways of doing things. Mail for instance. We lthink … Continue reading

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