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Maine Maple Sunday Syrup. Sweet!

or maple syrup sunday, or sappy Maine syrup, whatever you call it, it is sweet. We burned our evaporator, and so are not boiling today. But they were evaporating at the Painted Pepper Farm in Steuben, Maine. Fiddlers, baby goats, … Continue reading

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Dyed carnations. NO.

Sickly green and a bit tattered, the green carnations at the market just did not find their way into my basket. But some luscious limes and fleshy green peppers did. How sustainable is that? After we enjoy our centerpiece, we … Continue reading

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Catch that sap

Tap time. A warm afternoon and we set a few taps. The syrup began to drip as soon as we drilled in, it is ready!

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Mussels-by-the Sea

It was 50°, sunny and calm, and the tide was right. Implacable Man, Kym and I went to the shore to pick mussels. They are large, tender, pearl-free mussels. So good I can never order mussels out at a restaurant, … Continue reading

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Nature Log Thirteen degrees, bright moon low in sky casting long shadows in the crusty snow. A nighttime snowshoe to the harbor, where a sparkling reflection of moonlight made a path on the water, a moonglade it is called. I … Continue reading

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Sea Salt turns to Zea Salt

This may be the last salt batch of the year. Days are warmer and the wood stove may soon be getting cold. We only make Zea Salt when we are running the wood stove to heat the house. It is … Continue reading

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Sea of Donkeys

A little detour on the way to work this morning found me in a sea of donkeys. Claire Wallace, owner of Haffas Farm, introduced my to Elvis, Clementine (“cuz she’s a darlin”) and Gladys Done. “She took so long to … Continue reading

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Snowseats and Cat gets a Name

The snow that brought Cat into our lives is hanging on. And so was his nameless condition. But he is now named. Thank you all for voting. There were two write-ins, for Shackleton and Winston. Every name was voted for, … Continue reading

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