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Hands that see

Biking 100 hundred miles on a golden September Sunday in Ohio was a peaceful entry into the world of organized group biking. The weather was warm and sunny, the roads flat and swept, and while we had not done serious … Continue reading

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Bats, bugs and garlic

A solitary evening in the backyard, very rare, no bonfire, no family or friends just stars, crescent moon and breeze. And bats. The air is still pale enough to show them as dark silhouettes as they fly close overhead. I … Continue reading

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Bud Cans and BBs

After months without writing, the words and ideas flood my mind, each yammering for attention. “Me! Me“ they shout, and ricochet in my head like BB’s in a Bud can. “Why a Bud can?” we have been asked, when we … Continue reading

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